Annette Taylor Ryan

Profile Updated: July 23, 2014
Annette Taylor
Residing In: Spanish Fork, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: pasted away
Occupation: Just retired from E.E.U. as a Baker
Children: Josalyn Clare Ryan
Born 8/1/1982 died 10/24/2005
Yes! Attending Reunion
email address:

annette.ryanhelper@gmail. com

Comments on the past 50 years:

Does it seem to you that we are all on a fast track that gets faster and faster everyday. To me as I look back it seems after you or I turned 21 years old we have been on a slippery slide that has been greased and on a down hill slant with us heading to old age way to fast or way to soon! Right?
Life has been a pretty bumpy hard knock ride most of my life. I lost my first husband Douglas Heath Moore to death from diabetes March 28, 1976. He was a journeyman Baker. I wasn't even quite 30 years old. Then I remarried Jerry D. Ryan Jr. in 1982. He was a 100% disabled Veteran from the Viet Nam Era in the Marine Corp. We had only a daughter 8/1/82, Josalyn Clare Ryan. She past away in 2005, Jerry passed away in 2002.
I have had many occupations during my lifetime. Food service, Photography, Workman's Compensation labor Department, Women and Minor Div. Inspector, Radio Salesperson, Food service again then I have just retired from the College of Eastern Utah as a Baker.
We can now look in the mirror and say who is that looking back because we stilll feel like we are 18 yrs. old inside or that's how we still feel in our hearts. But Oh! No! our bodies betray us and tell us different. Then we face our self with all our wisdom and Experiences. I am thankful for my life and all that God has given me. May God Bless us all in looking forward and be thankful.

Past Jobs:

Food Service, Photography, Workman's Compensation Labor Department, Women and Minor Division Inspector.

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